Freuden means "joy" in German.
Toward the creation of a home community that connects the city and the farming village.

Our facilities let you experience a rich, beautiful, and idyllic farming culture.

Created as one of the practical exchange experience efforts between urban and rural communities,
these 60 parcels are the first of their kind in Japan.

Blooming flowers of spring, abundant fireflies of summer, bountiful harvests of fall, and pure serenity of winter.
Situated alongside a clear river, our facilities were designed after the Kleingarten in Germany.
Through the carefree stays here, we offer you peace of mind and plenitude by inviting you to experience the joy of farming and refresh your mind and body.

  • FREUDEN Yachiyo/Community Gardens with Lodging
  • FREUDEN Yachiyo/Community Gardens with Lodging

Each parcel has a cottage that accommodate the members, a vegetable garden, fruit garden, flowerbed, and lawn area.
Enveloped by beautiful nature, our members are rewarded with a pastoral life
enjoying growing vegetables, fruits, and trees, as well as flowers of each season.

  • Koinobori
  • FREUDEN Yachiyo/Community Gardens with Lodging

Forums for communication between urban and rural communities include an assembly hall, a conversation room, a processing room where you can process things like miso paste, and a cooking classroom where non-member community residents can participate.
An amphitheater is available for a variety of events. We also have a shared-use garden.

  • FREUDEN Yachiyo/Community Gardens with Lodging
  • FREUDEN Yachiyo/Community Gardens with Lodging

Tons of ways to enjoy yourself throughout the year

Every fall, we hold a harvest festival, where everyone brings the harvests they have grown with loving care. Thanking for the blessing from heaven and the land's bounty, our members enjoy the day interacting with the locals. The exchanges deepen as our members actively participate in local events, mountain hiking to see the sunrise, and the Lotus Festival.


Video Guide of FREUDEN Yachiyo


Conveniently far, yet conveniently close. About a 90-minute car ride from Kobe and Osaka.

414 Tawarada, Yachiyo-ku, Takacho, Taka-gun, Hyogo 677-0113 
TEL:81-795-37-1580 / FAX:81-795-37-1584

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By Car

・Closest Interchange:
 Takino/Yashiro Interchange on Chugoku Expressway
・About 60 minutes from Osaka and Kobe
・About 60 minutes from Himeji

By Train

・Closest Station: JR Nishiwaki-shi
 Take a 40-minute bus ride from Nishiwaki-shi Station and get off at Tawarada

By Bus

・Shinki Bus (operating between Nishiwaki Eigyo-sho and Ohya)
 Closest Bus Stop: Tawarada; and walk 5 minutes


Meister Kobo Yachiyo

Meister Kobo Yachiyo

Nakamura, Yachiyo-ku

A complex functioning as a processing and sales center committed to home cooking, and as a cultural center. It is fondly known to the locals as a "convenience store of the rural community."

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Edel Sasayuri

Edel Sasayuri

Nakanoma, Yachiyo-ku

An A-frame resort complex reminiscent of Bavaria in Germany.

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Erleben Yachiyo

Erleben Yachiyo

Nakamura, Yachiyo-ku

This complex houses a restaurant that serves the Tofu kaiseki using home-made tofu, as well as offering guests opportunities to process tofu and to make soba noodles.

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